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Friday, January 01, 2016  - Saturday, December 31, 2016

Newbury Twin Town Association Photographic Project

A photographic project on the theme of 'Where I Live' will be launched by the Newbury Twin Town Association on 1st January 2016.

Digital photographs that have been taken in or near Newbury and our Twin Towns will be gathered together in a permanent archive that will reflect the life in our Twin Towns during 1 year.  Photos may be of a house or neighbourhood, countryside, well known landmark, an activity or sport, a festival, a place of work etc.

This is an opportunity to provide a unique snapshot of how we see ourselves as a community at a particular moment in time and to see how the other towns see themselves.

We will welcome entries from residents in Newbury and all of our Twin Towns.  Non Twin Town Association members are welcome to take part as well.

The photos that are taken between January and June 2016 will be displayed during the international twin town reunion to be held in Newbury in September 2016.  Ideas for display so far include banners in Victoria Park, flags in the market place and a photo mural of the map of Europe made from thousands of individual photos.

Further details regarding how to submit your photos will be available soon.

We would welcome help from anyone who is interested in this project, for example speaking to local schools or groups in Newbury who could be encouraged to take part in the project.




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International Reunion of the network of 7 twin towns 2016

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